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Pre-Orders, Payments, Shipping

Please read below information on pre order cost, cancellations, payments and all shipping moving forward. 


Pre orders are now divided into a couple versions.  


All YCID and BYC pre orders are $5.00.

All diorama pre orders are $10.00

Payment for all invoiced pre orders MUST be made withing 3 days of being sent. 

Website and Multicar Orders

Moving forward, as of 1/1 2024 all multicar orders will be shipped as follows:

$16.50 for the first car and $3.00 per car after. ONLY discount comes when shipping 6 cars at one time and this earns a $25.00 shipping credit. This is applied to US and International shipping.

All website model purchases over $150.00 will earn free US shipping, discounted outside the US. Models purchased on the website will be priced accordingly.

Current releases sold via pre-order, prices as shown.

Models still in stock after pre orders are filled will go up approximately $10.00. 

Models still in stock after 30 days will go up approximately $20.00.

Models still in stock after 60 days will be stored for later time at higher price.

Payment Rules

All payments must be made upon receipt. If not paid within 2 days a reminder will be sent. Nonpayment after 5 days cancels the order and all other pre orders on file including removal of your account from the website.


If you know you will have a problem paying for an upcoming order just call, email or message me and I will work with you so it's not an issue. Ignoring the situation will get you banned from buying as mentioned above. IF you get cancelled and banned but are in a position to start purchasing again you MUST pay for the models on the last cancelled invoice FIRST. I always hold onto a handful of models from cancellations. If you had a cancelled invoice, it will be resent for payment, if that is paid then you can go back to pre-ordering and buying like normal.

Shipping within US and outside of US

All shipping within the US stays the same with UPS the preferred shipper. If you must have a package shipped to a PO Box there will be an additional $5.00 charge as USPostal is more expensive.

I use the lowest value possible for customs but cannot insure the shipment beyond this unless, you the customer, want it insured for more. 

Shipments outside the US will be US Postal Global International if available, this has become the least expensive option to ship outside the US. 

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