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Last batch has been order for November delivery. This will likely be the very last time I have these made now that others ones will be done in the future. 


Want something cool to display your American Musclecars in ? How about an American Muscle themed 2 car garage with working shop lights.


This PVC garage require some simple screw in assembly but offers the look of the typical musclecar garage with a back will lined (in picture) with tool boxes, counter and different wall art signs. Shop ceiling has two enclosed led style lights that are controlled by an on and off switch as shown. Exterior ceiling is now black and more realistic looking.  Cord plugs into a USB port but could be converted into a wall plug with adapter (not sold by me).


These are made exclusively for YCID/118scalemusclecars and not available in the mass market. Priced at just $89.95 including FREE continental US shipping.


Sample shown but some small detail changes will be made for final production.


Dimensions on these are, 15.5w X 14.5 D X 7.5 H, approximately 4#'s.



American Muscle Diorama Garage

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