BYC release ???, 1970 AAR Cuda fantasy convertible

BYC release ???, 1970 AAR Cuda fantasy convertible

SKU : BYC, AAR Cuda Convert

This Autoworld release was originally scheduled as a BYC release then upon viewing the sample model being used I cancelled the project. Simply put Autoworld created the sample using the 1999 Ertl tooling which is horrible by todays standards. 


My complaining and cancelling of my pre orders plus other BIG name dealers doing the same made AW rethink the release and have opted to use the new UPGRADED Cuda tooling they created in or around 2009. This is far better than the original including real hood and door hinges, opening trunks and the correct size tires and wheels, completedly detailed and plummed engine, chassis and interior. So this all said I have decided to bring the release back. Black model shows the upgraded tooling but these will be even more detailed. (pic for referance only)


Due in February now and only 12 being made under the Backyard Conversions name, each will have a blue boot, chrome foiled windshield frame, BYC license plates, box sticker and numbered COA.


$139.95 plus S/H. Pre order for $1.00. Out of US customers contact us for shipping quote. This had been delayed to March 2022.