BYC release #?, Nice CarDiecast, 1971 Hemi Cuda convertible, 1-30, PLEASE READ !

BYC release #?, Nice CarDiecast, 1971 Hemi Cuda convertible, 1-30, PLEASE READ !


UPDATED LISTING: I have changed this to a 30 car run because of overwhelming interest. I have filled all the backup list requests and only a couple are left. First come, first served (ordered) and this WILL NOT change again. I hate seeing collectors miss out on something but its done now.


I have swapped 30 of my cars for 30 of Nice Car Diecasts limited run of 1971 Hemi Cudas in B5 Blue with Black interior and Black billboards. These 30 cars will be different than his in two ways. First, these will be convertibles with Black boots but also, mine will come with new Mopar Rally wheels and RWL tires. Because I am doing the wheel swap in house the only upcharge will be for the tire and wheel set at $14.95.


Please note : I will not be selling the stock Black dog dish wheels that come on the NCD model.


So I want to comment on this car which is very much like the Mecum Blue 71 Hemi Cuda converts done late last year with Black interior and Billboards. While virtually identical I have had a couple people ask me if I am going to do these because they were interested. So my simplest way to make it happen was swapping some cars with NCD so I could.


Again, these are limited to just 30 total being made. All with BYC license plates, box sticker and numbered COA. Due in September but because of other convertibles ahead of them might not be avialable until October.


$194.90, this is my standard $179.95 plus the $14.95 for the wheel swap, plus shipping. Pre order now for $1.00.