Classic 19 inch 5 Spoke Wheel Set

Classic 19 inch 5 Spoke Wheel Set

SKU : A1800152DAIS

These YCID Exclusive, tire and wheel sets are designed to fit Highway 61 models but can be modded to fit other makes and models. These are factory made in a sold chrome finish and replicate the older style wheels from the 60's. Great for any musclecar.Note: these are the decorated samples and do not have the backing plates, rotors or calipars mounted. Production product will.


These are staggered with deeper set rears and low profile tires. They come packaged like the Acme tire and wheel sets but with YCID art work.


Pricing should be about $16.95 plus shipping, give or take, but I will not know exactly until they arrive. Expected July/August 2022.


Shipping should be $4.95 per set and discounted for multiples. 

6 or more sets qualifies for FREE US shipping.