GL/HWY61, 1971 Hemi Cuda, Mecum Auctions, 1-24

GL/HWY61, 1971 Hemi Cuda, Mecum Auctions, 1-24

SKU : BYC/HWY-18025c

This B5 Blue, Blue interior and painted steel wheels model is being released by Greenlight using the Highway 61 tooling. This is being released as a coupe (real picture shown) but we will be converting 24 into convertibles with Blue boots under the Backyard Conversions name. This car comes with painted dog dish wheels as shown. Optional wheels are available for addtional purchase and installation. Each will have its own COA, BYC license plates and box sticker. Should be priced at $179.95. Pre order now !


Please note that the wheel options are charged at $40.00 additional at time of checkout. The total with the tire and wheel swap will be $219.95. Because this total is over $150.00 you will get free shipping also. The wheels are new HWY61 wheels that still roll and turn as they should.




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