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This is the pad layout for the corners of Grand Ave and Spaulding Ave in Chicago famously known for the Mr. Norms Dodge Dealership. This 23 X 15 inch pad (mouse pad material) is printed to match the area back in the 60's and 70's.


This has a dedicated area for the 1/64 Mr Norms dealership with extra room behind it for the ceiling wires if needed.

Parking lot spaces for 2 rows of 6 cars. 

Grand Ave wide enough for two lanes of traffic and parking on both sides.

Spaulding (one way street) has parking on both sides and one lane down the middle. 

Sidewalks and grassy areas fill in the rest.


These will ship either folded in a box or rolled in a tube and will lay out flat when released.


In stock, $26.95 with free US shipping.

Mr. Norms, Grand and Spaulding Street Pad

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