YCID #13, 1969 Camaro, Berger COPO, Garnet Red, 1-96

YCID #13, 1969 Camaro, Berger COPO, Garnet Red, 1-96


This is the Garnet Red, Berger, COPO Camaro as shown in the picture with the 427, 4 speed, Black interior and Black vinyl top with painted front bumper and Berger emblem on the taillight panel. I will post pictures of the samples as soon as I have them in hand and they are nice enough to show. NOTE: the art file pictures shows the wrong taillights and lower valance they will be like the real car shows.  Also, sample diecast model shown and is not 100% correct. Just shown for effect.


These will be limited to 96 pieces maximum. IF your a Camaro lover do not miss out on this car as its never been done before in this color combination. This will be an mid to late November release.


Pricing should be $139.95 plus shipping.