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Please read this so you know exactly what you are purchasing. This release #22 will be a Leman Blue, 1969 Camaro Z/28 with Black stripes, Black interior and Chrome front bumper. The vinyl top version will be black and the convertible version will have a black boot.


These are estimated to be an early November arrival, pricing and quantities listed below. Actual factory pictures (horrible lighting) of these previous to shipping. No convert pic at this time.


Coupe, 1-160, $154.95

Vinyl Top, 1-120, $162.95

Convertible, 1-48, $186.95 Not shown but available soon.


Shipping is normal $16.50 within the US, $3.00 packaging charge per box shipped. Outside US shipping is calculated at time of packaging.

YCID #22, 1969 Camaro, Z/28, Lemans Blue

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