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Please read this so you know exactly what you are purchasing. This release #23 will be a Azure Turquoise, 1969 Camaro, RS, 350 with White stripes, White interior and Chrome front bumper. The vinyl top version will be White and the convertible version will have a White boot.


I apologize for the cartoon picture but until I have samples this and my photoshopped coupe pic have to do. NOTE: Pics show exposed headlights, this is not correct, model will have RS style hidden headlights. Artwork pics also added. Estimated Early November arrival. 


Coupe, 1-160, $146.95

Vinyl Top, 1-120, $153.95

Convertible, 1-48, $186.95 


Shipping is normal $16.50 within the US, $3.00 packaging charge per box shipped. Outside US shipping is calculated at time of packaging.

YCID #23, 1969 Camaro, RS, Azure Turquoise

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