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This is YCID release #26, 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1, 390 ,4 speed, in Gulfstream Aqua as a coupe and a sunroof version. These are the first Highway 61 tooled Gulfstream Aqua Mach 1's and will include the correct red seat back and floor mat inserts.


Pre-order for just $5.00, balance due upon invoice once the production models arrive. Make sure you pick the correct model to pre order, they are different.


Standard release, YCID26, should be $139.95 plus shipping, limited to 199 in North America


Sunroof release, YCID26SR, price will be determined, but should be in the $199.95-$219.95 range like other sunroof releases. limited to just 96 total

Sunroof version like my Dodge Challengers will be machine shop cut to perfection then the inner sunroof frame will be machine cut in house, painted and installed. All sunroof cars come in the open position with no working parts.


Both cars will come with YCID, COA's, box numbers and possibly numbered trunk plates.


Sample pictures will be provided as soon as its available to me. These are due 2nd quarter (June) this summer.

YCID #26, 1969 Ford Mustang, Mach 1, Gulfstream Aqua

Variations: Sunroof
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