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This release is the previously mentioned Berger, Double Copo, 1969 Camaro 427 with its original owner. This car is the Black vinyl top version and will come with no special box art (factory made boxes like all my others and didnt confirm with me first)  and a copy of the orginal window sticker as purchased from  Berger Chevrolet in Grand Rapids MI back in 1969. Each car comes with black hockey stick stripes with no call out, black interior with 4 speed. 


The two variations will be a solid white coupe WITH the stripe (cant find a pic but will update when the samples arrive) and a convertible version with a black boot. Both variations will have painted from bumpers and exposed headlights, black interiors, rally wheels and RWL tires.


Limited to 200 total for North American market. Pricing is slightly higher on these due to add ons.


96 vinyl top coupe (real car shown), $149.95

48 coupes no vinyl top, $139.95

48 convertibles, $179.95


Pre order for $1.00. Cars are due in April 2023

YCID #26, Berger, 1969 Camaro COPO 427 White

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