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YCID #29, 1971 Hemi Cuda in Tor Red with Black interior. All cars are 426 Hemi, Automatic. See below for options. Convertibles will be made available in the next week. Car comes in its clamshell with a numbered box and Certificate of Authenticity and should have numbered plate on the coupes only.


Coupe with DD wheels as shown, 1 of 199, $144.95

Coupe with Black billboards, fog lights and DD wheels, 1 of 150, $144.95 (sold out)

Coupe with Black Billboard, vinyl top, Rally wheel and fog lights, 1-150, $149.95


Convertible, WITH NO billboards, 1-60, $189.95





YCID #29, 1971 CUDA, Hemi, Tor Red

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