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Coming late 2nd quarter 2024 are these, B5 Blue, 1971 Dodge Challenger, 440/6 Pack, 4 speed, coupes and convertibles. Each car will be in the 1971 GB5 Blue, slightly different than the 1970 EB5 Blue. All will have white stripes and interiors, convertibles will have white boots.


Coupes will be either 1-150 or 1-199 max but not confirmed yet.

Convertibles will be 1-48 or 1-60, also not confimed yet.

Vinyl top versions will be 1-48 or less but not confirmed yet.

Note: The run of cars IS confirmed but production numbers are not yet, this will be updated once confirmed. PLEASE NOTE: these are samples and not the final production versions.


Retail price is $139.95 for the coupes plus s/h

$186.95 for the convertibles plus s/h

Vinyp top versions are $149.95 plus s/h

Pre order for $5.00 down payment for each.

YCID #33, 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T, B5 Blue

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