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Offical licensed Mr. Norms 68, Dodge Dart, GSS 440. This was the first Dart Norms stuffed a 440 in after doing in 67 with a 383. The 440 engine due to the heads and intake sits higher so he had his mechanics figure out how to get one fitted so it looked factory and it because production. These will have special Mr. Norms box art and are limited to just 440 (cool) made.


The car is a 68 Dart, White, Black interior, vinyl top and side stripe with a 440, automatic, new tooled Dart hubcaps and grill insert (see black/white picture of that). Each one will also have the Mr. Norms Dodge dealers plate, quarter window and decklid decals. NO convertibles will be make of this car.


Pre order deposit is $5.00

Retail is $154.95 due to licensing.

YCID#36, Mr. Norms, 1968 DODGE DART GSS 440

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