YCID, PTC, #1, 1969 Mustang Boss 351

YCID, PTC, #1, 1969 Mustang Boss 351

SKU : A1801842YPTCM

The first commissiones run in the Pro Touring Classics series by YCID will be a stunning gloss Black, gloss Black trim, 1969 Mustang "fantasy" Boss 351 with lowered suspension, Black painted wheels, interior and satin black hood treatment. 


NOTE: This is the sample they sent me and its not perfect so I do not have any engine pictures but the valve cover and air cleaner callouts will be as shown in the picture above. 


These will be limited to just 120 made and sample pictures will be uploaded very soon. Priced at $139.95 plus FREE US shipping. Dicounted shipping outside the US, please contact us for cost.




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