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Home of YCID, BYC and Muscle Car Dioramas


Please note the upcoming changes to the website as more 1/64 and 1/24 items are added. The top of this page will have tabs for 1/18 scale musclecars and dioramas, 1/24 scale musclecar dioramas and 1/64 scale musclecars and dioramas. Please see each page (when available) to view, purchase or pre order anything listed there. This page will become a general home page only. 


Yenko Dealerships are in production. Expect about 6 weeks until they are in house. Pre order now as there will be a price increase once they arrive just like the Mr. Norms. 

1/64 scale sample is being created for release later this year. I will post pictures when available. 

Arrival update as of 06/11/2024

Silver/Red, 1970 Challenger R/T, end of June 2024

Silver/Black 70 Challenger R/T, end of June 2024

Pink BYC 70 Dodge Challenger converts, July 2024 S/O

BYC, White, Acme, 71 Challenger R/T convertibles due end ofJune 2024

YCID Aftermarket Dog Dish T/W sets, end of June 2024

Bahama Yellow, 71 340 Cuda, 3rd Quarter 2024

B5 Blue, 71 Challenger R/T, end of June 2024

Bronze, 68, 383 Dodge Dart, August 2024

1/64 Scale, White Mr. Norms, GSS, 440 Dart, 3rd quarter

Black, 69 Yenko Camaro, 3rd quarter 2024

Brown, 69 COPO Camaro, 3rd quarter 2024

White, Mr Norms Dart and 1-68 Dart, Late 3nd quarter

Burnt Orange, 70 Cuda, 3rd Quarter

These are YCID/BYC models open for pre order with a $1.00-$5.00 down payment, balance plus shipping will be due when the models arrive and are invoiced. 

YCID, BYC Pre Order Models

Muscle Car Dioramas

Custom made exclusively for YCID/118scalemusclecars these 1/18 scale, muscle car dioramas come in various options, some are even licensed products. Please see below as these along with new releases will always be available here. 

In Stock Models Available Now

These are all current in stock models and do not include shipping which will be added when purchase is made. If you are outside the US only $1.00 will be added when purchase is made. I will then forward an additional invoice for the actual shipping cost. 

    Tire &Wheels Sets and More

    Tire and wheel sets sold separately. If installation is needed you must contact me first before purchase for additional cost. 

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    Pre Ordering Models

    All pre orders require a $1.00, $5.00 or $10.00 down payment and are non-refundable if cancelled.  This down payment will be deducted from the final invoice. If paid in full when pre ordered, model will be shipped when in stock.  Note: All invoices with balance due must be paid within 3 days of being sent or your order will be cancelled, and your down payment along with any others will be forfeited per our payment guidelines.  Thank you!

    PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT make individual custom replicas for customers anymore do not inquire as any email or phone message pertaining to this will be deleted and not answered. 

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