Your Car In Diecast Releases, YCID


YCID releases are custom runs we have done for us at the factory in China. These runs are normally 120-250 cars and are modified into various releases as in 1 of 36, 1 of 70, 1of 96 for example along with convertibles.  All come in a YCID art deco box and clamshell.

Home of YCID, BYC and other Limited Edition 1/18 scale Musclecars

Backyard Conversions Releases

Backyard Conversions or BYC releases are an ongoing series of stock cars we purchase new and turn into smaller runs of convertibles. These are limited to runs of 12,18, 24, 36 or 48 normally. These come in there original box with BYC license plates, box sticker and numbered Certificate of Authenticity.